1995- 2022
Focus on retail industry ;intimately serve people in their daily life

Be a good neighbor and helper of the families

Jiajiayue Group Co.Ltd is a whole-supply-chain and multi-format comprehensive retailer,whose main business is to operate a chain of supermarkets,supported by regional integration of the logistics,the development of modern agricultural production base and food processing industry chain,and focused on fresh food offerings at stores.

Focus on retail industry;intimately serve people in their daily life

With the glory of success,we keep moving forward

Adhering to the Concept of "Social Responsibility to Create Value"
The company always adheres to honest management and pays taxes in accordance with the law. It takes the "customer's needs are the goals we pursue" as its business philosophy. While striving to promote the development of enterprises, it adheres to the concept of "social responsibility to create value" and actively fulfills social responsibilities and serves the society. Promoting harmonious economic and social development.