In this era what is needed is the courage to be the first. This industry needs the spirit to strive to be the first. In the 27 years since the first supermarket opened in 1995, Jiajiayue has fought through all the difficulties to move forward.

Established in the coastal city of Weihai, "Self-motivation, Perseverance, Innovation and Entrepreneurship" are Jiajiayue’s natural characters brought by marine culture.

Jiajiayue is open to learning, innovation, sharing and cooperation while having a fast- pace development. 

Throughout Shandong Province, Jiajiayue is deeply rooted in Confucian culture of "The master of chivalry always thinks for the country and the people" under which we take firm belief to become an honest enterprise to provide people with convenience, values, quality and responsibilities.

Looking to the future, to be the best retail enterprise in China is a common vision of all Jiajiayue people.

With persistent and firm belief, we will develop professionalism through dedication and build our brand through quality. 

Our mission is to create wealth for society, provide value for customers and share the results of enterprise development with employees.